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1st Body Paint Since Lockdown

Although we are currently not back working due to the strict health and safety & gathering rules in place. I was able to body paint a good friend of mine for an online event with The Living Art Show Body Painting and Maui Waui festival who we miss so, so much!

My body paint was a bit of fun about the strange and daft things that have happened during covid.

On the front we have…

🎨 We have a seagull from finding nemo claiming “mine” to the toilet roll.

🎨 Trump having a drink of his “Thick” bleach 🙈

🎨 5G tower which some claimed started covid 😂

On the back we have…

🎨 A corona virus eating the world and a tribute to the legendary Netflix series Tiger King with Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin 😂🐯😍

Sending best wishes to you all and your families, much love, Donna xxx ❤️🖌🎨❤️