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2nd Place Winner – “Save Snails, Eat Greggs!”

I attended the Paradise Jam in Hertfordshire, where face and body painters come together to share skills and enter competitions.

I entered the open face painting category with the theme “A postcard from Europe”.

Every competition I enter I try to think outside of the box and create something different/unusual. I came up with the idea of replying to a postcard from France recommending they stop eating snails and eat Greggs instead. It’s silly and was so much fun to paint on one of my good face painting friends.

When it comes to judging time, all the models line up. Majority of the designs were popular tourist locations in Europe, followed by my bleeding snail and a Greggs pasty!

To my surprise, it was awarded 2nd place! Greggs, if you need me for your next marketing campaign, contact me!