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Fellas… Never Allow The Face Painter To Paint “Anything”

Its very common for adults to join in with Face Painting at all our events and we encourage it!

Sometimes the ladies will say “I don’t know what to have?” and I will ask if the want something small or maybe an arm painting. Something pretty and sparkling?

But when the gents take a seat and say “Just paint whatever you want” my eyes light up!!!!

I have a few silly designs that are never on display and are solely used for moments like this.

As I was painting and the other guests could see what this amazing guy was becoming the giggles started and he sensed he had maybe made a mistake. He joked, I’m going to leave you a bad review to which I responded “It will be worth it!”.

Face Painting is a bit of fun and it all washes off easily. So why not for one day be a drag queen!?!

What an amazing sport he was!